Tyler Lockett: Last year showed a virtual offseason works perfectly fine


Shortly after the NFL Players Association released a statement from Seahawks players saying they will not participate in in-person offseason workouts, the team’s union representative, wide receiver Tyler Lockett, said last offseason proved there’s no reason for the players to congregate in person.

Lockett spoke to reporters this afternoon and noted that all NFL teams did their offseason programs virtually in 2020, as the Seahawks players say they plan to do this offseason.

“Last year we did a virtual offseason. Nobody expected it to happen and it worked out perfectly fine,” Lockett said. “We also want to do a virtual this year.”

Lockett noted that the Seahawks went through the entire 2020 season without a single player testing positive, and he said he and his teammates have shown they’re taking COVID-19 seriously. The best way, they think, to continue staying safe is to work remotely for the next few months.